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  • How do you choose your products?

    Our portfolio is a selection of exciting ideas coming from independent companies all around the world. The first question we ask before representing a startup is “would we buy its products ourselves?”. Then, we look at the company itself and make sure it is authentic and will bring novelty and freshness to the market. If these criteria are met and the product is really driving us crazy, we strive to make it famous among people and retailers.

  • Where did you get the idea of starting such a business?

    Our idea comes from our two cofounders who one day noticed that the products which raised lots of money on crowdfunding platforms can rarely be found online or in brick and mortar shops after the campaign is over. Our goal is to make these accessible on the largest scale possible and thrive for a durable period of time.

  • Why are there products I cannot buy as a retailer?

    We focus our B2B efforts on a selection of promising products that we develop progressively. The rest of our portfolio remains available for individuals to buy directly on our platform. However, should you be interested in a product in particular that is not part of our B2B selection, do not hesitate to let us know at and we will make sure to find a solution.